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Anthony Trias, CFP®, RICP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional_______________



As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Anthony uses his passion for helping others and financial expertise to provide a personalized approach toward life planning. He focuses on investment, tax and insurance strategies for individual families and small business owners in the healthcare industry. His work blends analytical thinking, a client-oriented mindset, and a strong sense of ethics to earn the trust of others. Anthony engages with clients in all levels of financial knowledge, empowering them to make smart, educated decisions. He is patient and compassionate, mutually enjoying the partnership he builds with his clients.  With over ten years in financial services, he has the team, knowledge and experience to guide clients to fulfill their goals.

Anthony is a loving family man, with two incredible children and a superwife. They live in Marin County and enjoy the countless amenities the Bay Area has to offer. In between family time and his practice, you will find Anthony committed to his fitness regimen. Yoga and HIIT classes provide the balance he needs to take on life and its many opportunities.



Every area of your financial life overlaps, which is why we use a comprehensive wealth management approach towards your life planning. That approach considers your desired goals and supports those goals through investment, insurance, tax and wealth transfer strategies.  Our fee-based approach allows us act in the best interest for our clients and avoids conflicts of interest with investment commissions.   With over 10 years of experience and a long career ahead, you can count on building a long-term financial partner.




Small-business owners in the Bay Area are highly motivated people.  You are driven, on the go and try to seize every opportunity.  But that single-minded focus can take a toll on other aspects of life, including managing one’s personal and business finances.

Working with all types of businesses, I’ve learned which financial issues keep you up at night and interrupt your focus on the company during the day. My goals is to offload your stress by becoming a partner in the management of your long-term financial future.




Silicon Valley and San Francisco has become a mecca of jobs and growing professionals.  Young families often manage work hours that are startup-like while juggling a growing family, hobbies and a social life.

Finding a financial advisor that is relatable, knowledgeable and trustworthy can be difficult.  But I’m in your shoes and I get it - raising a family isn’t easy.  I enjoy partnering with young families to take the guesswork out of financial strategies.  This will leave more time for you to feel balanced and focused with your family.




There’s a special place in my heart that enjoys serving those that help others.  Medical professionals often carry a selfless attitude, compassion and love for others.  My mother was the perfect example, being a registered nurse for over forty years. 

The healthcare community has a set of specific needs when it comes to investment management and financial planning.  Being on call, working double shifts and giving undivided attention to patients doesn’t allow much time for do it yourselfers.  Whether you are in residency, early in your career or nearing retirement, I’m here to provide you with the team, discipline and process towards your financial goals.    




Overwhelmed. That’s the most common feeling I hear from recently divorced and widowed women. There are retirement accounts to change, legal decisions to make, insurance to deal with, and plenty of small details that seem to come from nowhere.

You may not have any interest in becoming a financial expert, yet you may feel like you must in order to make the best decisions.  Having a team who understands you and your situation can provide the peace of mind you are looking for to begin your next chapter in life.




Retiring isn’t only a question about dollars and cents, rather a complete transition to a how to approach a new lifestyle.  When can I retire? How do I spend my assets without outliving them? These are the questions I’ve heard time and time again over the past ten years.

Saving for retirement is very different than spending in retirement.  I intend to see you through the next several decades of your life and help provide guardrails so that you don’t overspend your nest egg. 




Here in the Bay Area, I’ve worked with many successful individuals who have accumulated far more wealth than they will need for their lifetime.  How you transfer wealth to future generations or charities can create a legacy that lasts forever.

Making complex legal and tax decisions and melding those with family dynamics, personalities and long-term goals can require experienced advice.  Having a coordinated approach with your trusted advisors can identify available strategies and the practical implementation of those strategies to ultimately help you create an impact with will outlast you.




CFP® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  professional are certification marks owned by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. These marks are awarded to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board's initial and ongoing certification requirements.